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So you want to get into teaching? Congratulations!

Being a teacher is one of very few jobs that lets you change lives, each and every day. Teaching is very rewarding, and qualified teachers are always in high demand, so your chances of getting a job as a teacher are excellent!

There’s a ton of information available to you on the internet about how to become a teacher, however not all of it is organized and easy to understand. We have everything you need to know as you begin your journey toward becoming a certified teacher.

Teacher certification requirements vary from state to state and province to province. Our step-by-step state and provincial guides to education and practicum requirements, tips and tricks, and guides are just something of things you’ll find here to help you get into teaching as soon as possible.

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About Teaching

Teaching is a very rewarding job. Whether you’re teaching young children or teenagers, the teacher’s job is extremely important and always in demand. That’s why education is a popular career choice, both for people just graduating high school and those who want to make a career change. Learn more about the reasons why to become a teacher, here.

Teachers can be employed in public or private schools, and are highly sought after no matter where you are. However, the requirements to get into teaching are different for each state in the US and province in Canada – so it’s important to know how to get started.

For more information on the requirements in Canada, click here. For information in the USA, click here.

Get into Teaching in California

The California Teaching Credential is one of the most sought after teaching certificates in the world. When you think about the number of people who live in California, it makes sense that there is a significant need for qualified teachers.

The State of California has one of the most involved processes for getting into teaching. You will need to first figure out what you want to teach, and then get a bachelor’s degree. After your bachelor’s degree, you can start a teacher preparation program which teaches you “how to teach” and lets you get experience as a student teacher. You will also need to pass a series of exams – click here to see reviews of some of the best study guides to help you prepare.

Once you’ve finished your schooling, then you can apply for a preliminary teaching certificate. This certificate is good for 5 years, and after you successfully complete that, you can apply for a permanent certificate, known as a “clear certificate”.

Please read our post on how to become a teacher in California for more detailed information.